2017 – Outlook for the Year

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2017 – Outlook for the Year

This is our Alltech4u Outlook for the Year! We hope everyone has been having an excellent 2017 so far. There are many changes coming for Alltech4u in the year to come.

We will be expanding our cloud services this year; introducing a new cloud hosting service, where we will be hosting various services such as Quickbooks, Drake, Office, and many more to come. We know how important these services are to most of our clients. This new service will allow businesses to connect to our Cloud Servers and access certain applications like Quickbooks; using remote connections this will allow many users from the same business to connect to our servers and log in to various Quickbooks files. This service will also allow certain permission settings, which will allow certain users to be able to access only the files they need to. This will work great for any business using one of our programs and especially great for any CPA or Accounting firm that needs to access many different files.

Another service coming this year is an Advanced Web Design Method, in which we will be introducing new more modern development tools. This will make our design more compatible with desired changes by our clients. And this will allow us to introduce some new more professional designs.

Blogging is a service we offer our clients, whether that means installing a blog and allowing you to update the blog yourself or having us blog for your business. This will drastically increase your level of SEO and increase your chances of new clients contacting you through your website.

There are many more things that we will be discussing in the future. Have a Great Week Everybody! And Stay Techy!

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