Benefits of Cloud Hosting

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Benefits of Cloud Hosting

What are the benefits of getting your business into the cloud. Having your websites, backups, and everything in the cloud can greatly benefit your business and put you a step ahead of your competition.

Speed and Reliable

Hosting your websites and backups in the cloud will increase your speed drastically. It is something that many hosting companies, including us, are switching too. Hosting companies are now using CDN’s to be able to access the cloud and allow people in any part of the country or world to be able to open their website locally instead of waiting for servers across the world. This completely changes the way businesses handle their websites or backups.

How it benefits Backups

Backing up servers, computers, websites, etc; is becoming so crucially important that businesses that do not have backups are risking their systems being compromised. In a world where hacking is happening practically every day, businesses need to be prepared and careful about their systems. They need to be protected with Anti-Virus Software and be prepared to have backups, not only externally but also have cloud backups as well. The reason for this extra step in cloud backups is the accessibility of the backups and the overall extra security of that second backup in the cloud. Accessibility is a huge part because businesses can easily access their backed up files on any computer and can be connected pretty easily as well.

24/7 Support and High Security

Having your Hosting & Backups with us whether in the cloud or not guarantees that we will give it 24/7 support and the best security in the industry. We are constantly staying up-to-date with changes in security. When you put your hosting and backups in our hands, we will never take that lightly. Your business and it’s data will be our #1 priority. Guaranteed.

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