We Do Data Recovery Differently

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We Do Data Recovery Differently

Learn how we do data recovery different from any other IT company.

Recovery Guaranteed

We guarantee that we can recover the data off of any hard drive or machine. If we cannot, then all you have to pay is the shipping, unless local recovery (then we will just pick it up). We have a lot of tools at our disposal and we are very confident that we can recover your company’s data. So before you think that your company’s data is gone forever, try asking us to look because there is a very good chance that we can fix it.

Nothing to Lose

You have absolutely nothing to lose if we cannot fix your device because we will not charge you anything for attempting to recover data (minus the shipping charges if there are any).

Very Fast and Reliable

Throughout the entire process we are very fast and in constant communication with you the client. We want you to know how many tools we’ve tried, how our data recovery is going, what are expectations are, and when you can expect your hard drive back. We always are striving for very fast service but also very reliable data recovery with a high success rate.


You can Trust ZenTek USA for all your Data Recovery Needs.


For More Information: Please Call 616-638-3779 or Email us at [email protected]

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