Why LinkedIn is a Must for Businesses

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Why LinkedIn is a Must for Businesses

The importance of LinkedIn to a business is often understated and misunderstood. It’s used by many business owners but it actually should be used by every business owner.

When people generally think Social Media; they usually think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The first thought, however, is rarely LinkedIn. This is because of the total amount of users that use Facebook; it is very large and most people think it is best for business as well. Although, I do agree that a Facebook page for a business is important, so is a LinkedIn business profile. The best way to think of LinkedIn is as a Business-version of Facebook. The format and structure is very similar to Facebook, but the users are primarily business or career-minded individuals. If part of your marketing scheme is to go after businesses then LinkedIn is a very important profile to have.

On LinkedIn, instead of friends or followers, you build connections. These connections serve as a great way to trade services and communicate your career path or your business. It allows you to reach out directly to businesses. More and more businesses every year are using LinkedIn. It’s free to create a business page & personal page and it’s a great way to continue to market your business to other businesses (B2B).

Also if you don’t have time to get LinkedIn specialized & customized for your business, ZenTek USA creates LinkedIn profiles and other Social Media profiles every day. When we take on the job, we customize your profile to be the best it can be for your industry; not just a profile but using everything the social media platform has to offer. We take advantage of every feature and use them to help grow your business. Using ZenTek USA to do this for you, is also very inexpensive. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or 616-638-3779. We would love to help your business grow in 2018.

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