Selecting a Domain

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Selecting a Domain

This is one of the most important parts of getting a new website. Many times this is pretty simple for a business because they simply go with their business name if that’s available.

Many times however this is not the obvious choice or the business preferred name is not available. Then you simply have to come up with a domain name. There are also times when a business has not thought of a business name and are going by whether it’s available with a TLD (.com or .org).

There are two things you want to consider when selecting a new domain.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether the idea or business is “world changing.” If it is world changing then the name of your business or domain name shouldn’t make sense to the normal person. You want to develop a word that catches on and people start associating it with your website. Google and Facebook are good examples of that. So is Tumblr, Instagram, or WordPress. If it isn’t world changing (and chances are it’s not going to be), then you need to pick a name that will help you with SEO and will be easy for the user to type in yet also make sense to the average internet user.

The SEO piece of it simply means that you need to make sure the domain has words in it that associate with what you do and the audience you are going after. For example,  a tree cutting service should have the word, tree, cutting, wood, trimming, etc. Something in it that associates with what they do. This will help Google know what you do and the customer know what you do.

You also want a domain that is easy for the user to type in and not hard to remember. Unless your business is world changing; the “easy to remember” part is more important than the “catchy” part.

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