Social Media and New Business

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Social Media and New Business

Everyone knows how big Social Media is, but just how important is it? Does it really help improve your chances at getting new clients and more business? And which Social Media avenues would serve your business best? These are just some simple questions businesses in the 21st Century need to ask themselves.

In today’s world, Social Media has taken over the internet and the minds of millions around the world. It’s kind of unsettling when you think of how big it has become but at the same time it presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to get more clients.

Just How Big Is Social Media?

Here are just a few statistics to help clarify the impact of social media in 2016.

Facebook now has over 1.65 Billion (with a “b”) Users. — (This right here should be enough to push you to get a Facebook page for your business)

Twitter has over 320 million users

Google Plus and LinkedIn both have over 300 million users.

In 2015, it was estimated that Social Networks earned 8.3 billion from business advertisements. (This shows that your competition does it)

There are about 40 million small business pages on Facebook. (Go ahead and look up your competition; chances are they’re on there)


Why Then is it Important?

Social Media is important for many reasons. It is the largest growing avenue for businesses to advertise. It also can be said that when a client is choosing a business to go to, typically they go to one they either are familiar with, have heard good things about, or have been to before. The best possible way to get your business’ name out there for the world to see is through social media integration. Another great point to make is the fact that many people nowadays actually turn away from people or businesses that are not involved in social media. It shows others that you are modern and that your business knows what it’s doing.


It is Another Way to Advertise

Your website is crucial to your business and our Web Design can take care of that for you (that’s another topic for another time). What happens if people cannot find your business? You may say.. “Well SEO would help.” That’s true (and we can help with that too), but what if there was a large group of people who primarily look things up in Google as a way to find businesses, but there is another large group of people that look for businesses through Social Media and/or discuss businesses with people on Social Media. Your business would be missing out on this completely separate group of potential business.


If your business needs a Website, SEO, or Social Media Integration: Alltech4u can help. We are a business built on Integrity. We are here to make your business successful.

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