Uber’s Flying Taxis?

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Uber’s Flying Taxis?

So flying taxis? Yes, this is simply too intriguing not to blog about it. You heard it right. Uber has announced they are planning on releasing “flying taxis” by as early as 2020.

This is groundbreaking technology news and kind of sci-fi as well. If this is successful, it could change the future of travel forever. Uber is going to be meeting with the Department of Transportation soon to discuss this potential new technology. Very exciting, to say the least, Uber is also partnering with some Boeing sub companies like Aurora Flight Services and Bell (a Helicopter company).

Meeting Uber’s time schedule is still going to be very difficult but Uber has a lot of the flight equipment and experiments already in place. They are working hard to pull off this possible new era of transportation. We will see in time if Uber can pull it off and how convenient this service will be.

Uber has already said that their goal is for this service to be inexpensive and for people traveling a long distance. Uber has also said that these new “flying taxis” could go as fast as 200mph and without traffic will be very fast and efficient.

We shall see but stay tuned because as soon as more information comes out; ZenTek USA will post about it.

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