Why Does Your Business Need a New Website?

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Why Does Your Business Need a New Website?

This is a question that many businesses ask themselves. “Do we really need a website?” The simple but sweet short answer is “Yes, you do need a website” and there are many validating reasons as to why. This post was not primarily written for those that do not have a website but considering the fact that most businesses have a website; this post is for those that have an outdated or SEO lacking website that could be hurting them against their competition.

Your Fancy Competition

Probably by far the #1 reason for getting yourself a classy well designed website is your competition. It is practically a guarantee that your fellow competitors have a website and are gaining traffic that could easily be yours. In business it makes sense to at least match your competition in what they are doing to get new clients, but what you really want to do is surpass your competitors in both Google and people’s general opinion of your business. The best way to surpass them (even the ones that have a website) is to get a website that is classier and better than your competition.

Your Missing Traffic

Another great reason to get a website that is modern and well designed is for the traffic that you could be missing out on. A website that is built with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind, and a great design will not only help you boost any potential traffic you could be missing on, but it will also help give those that see your business a good impression. It’s almost a guarantee that if someone sees a potential business with an outdated site that is difficult to find and navigate on, and then they see one of your competitors newly updated modern custom website; they will likely pick the nice website in today’s technology era. (Even though you’re the business that provides better service).

Mobile Usage

This point is crucial to your business. Did you know that more than half of all Google Searches are on a mobile device? This means that people are searching for businesses on their mobile device more than ever. Think about it — Everyone has their iPhone or Galaxy with them all the time (and everyone is constantly on it). Not everyone is using their laptop or desktop all the time. Not to say these things are not important but people are not necessarily going to be looking up your business in a phone book any time soon. Mobile SEO and a Mobile Website is crucial to your business.


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