Why is my computer so slow?

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Why is my computer so slow?

We are posting this mostly because it is such an issue. Practically everyone that has a computer experiences a slow down eventually.

There are many causes for this and once you determine the reason for yours all you have to do is solve the problem.

Simply an Old Computer

The first reason for an unusually slow computer is simply age. Once a computer reaches a certain age the parts within the computer can no longer handle the new programs and features that are coming out nearly every day. Sometimes getting a new computer or upgrading a few of the parts such as the memory would be a necessary fix on your speed issue.

Internet Connection

Internet speeds are a widespread issue that slows down the computer experience of many. It is also one of the most difficult issues to fix, mostly because of options. Many people know that DSL connections and high speed internet from a cable company has a pretty big speed difference. The problem is that many areas don’t have high speed internet options available and if they do, often they can be very expensive.

Virus or Other Program Issues

This is more than likely the problem of many that read this article. Viruses today are extremely sophisticated and often almost impossible to get rid of. And the problem that many experience is that there are many “virus removal programs” out there that in the end just slow down your computer more or give you other viruses. This is because many creators of viruses decide to hide them in anti-virus programs. You have to kind of have experience or get a program recommended from someone that does. There are many free virus removal programs out there that are excellent for removing viruses.

If you or your business has a slow computer and need help, We can help you affordably and effectively. We know viruses, even the dreaded “ransomware”. There is no virus problem to big for us. We would love to help you or even have a free meeting & buy you a coffee to discuss our services.


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